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GLO&KO Service

Trade Service

We, GLO&KO, bring our clients outstanding global coverage, connecting all of the world’s trade
center. What makes our service stand out from the crowd,
however, is our ability to provide indepth, expert knowledge of individual geographic trades and markets.

Global and local expertise

GLO&KO’s Trade managers have an in-depth understanding of individual
overseas markets and dynamics of specific trades.
This expertise enables them to provide you with market-specific, local
advice on factors affecting the transit of your cargo. This might include:

Terminal conditions.

Local or overseas transport infrastructure.

Berthing delays or congestion.

Local or overseas regulatory and political changes.

Any relevant customs procedures.

So whether you’re importing or exporting, working with GLO&KO will
plug you into a network of expert across the world.

Service tailored to your needs

With all of this expertise and capability comes an unrivaled commitment to
customer service.
We will work hard to understand your needs in order to develop a productive,
long-term partnership.
At GLO&KO we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
We believe that by staying close to your business as it evolves, we are able to
develop our services to match your changing needs.
That way we can continue to offer a truly tailor-made range of services.


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